In early 2016 Tracy organized a community talk at the Saanich Fairground and over 50 people showed up to hear Dr. Margaret Critchlow introduce “Cohousing on the Saanich Peninsula” and voila, the project was launched. A small group formed, and we visited other cohousing communities, held information sessions and meetings, took walks and workshops together.

People stepped up and stepped back, as is the way in cohousing.   In the spring Barb found herself attending one of the information sessions and there was no turning back.  Tracy and Barb then sharpened the vision for the cohousing project held more information sessions, and more people became interested.  Core elements included;

  • Our homeowner community would be located close to the amenities and green spaces in the Sidney, Brentwood Bay or Saanichton.  Walkability is very important to us.
  • We welcome introverts and extroverts in all ages and stages of life who value privacy and connection within a simpler, healthier, and more energy-efficient environment.
  • Pets will be welcome.
  • This will be a homeowner community in which rentals are allowed within guidelines.
  • These are some general principles only. There is ample opportunity for new members to get involved in developing details of these and other policies

Our 11 committed pre-equity members have taken Margaret Critchlow’s course Is Cohousing for You? and have contracted with Cohousing Development Consulting (CDC) to assist with our site search.

At the end of 2017 we changed our name from Saanich Peninsula Cohousing to Ravens Crossing Cohousing. Ravens are industrious, smart birds you find all around the Peninsula. In Coast Salish stories they are portrayed as both clever and mischievous - and we liked that!  Even our old logo liked that, as it easily transformed from wave to bird.

We have secured a wonderful site in Sidney, close to lots of amenities. We close on the purchase in late June.We are keeping in mind our 2020 vision for moving in to our new homes. In the meantime, watch this space to see how we are progressing. Or even better...visit us on facebook and sign up for our newsletter and get all the news straight to your inbox.