After 3 years CBC makes a return visit to Harbourside Cohousing

Opening of Harbourside Cohousing Community

Opening of Harbourside Cohousing Community

When documentary producer Karin Wells first visited Harbourside, it was a dream about to become a reality for the people who worked so hard to make it happen. After three years of living together, there have been some surprises - sad and happy. But the place is flourishing. Listen to the CBC Sunday Edition "A B.C. experiment in cohousing has become an adventure in co-caring". 

Click here to listen to Karin's documentary.

Harbourside Cohousing is a thriving example of cohousing. Other cohousing communities in development on Vancouver Island include West Wind Harbour Cohousing (Sooke) and Ravens Crossing Cohousing (Sidney). Find out more about cohousing in general and these communities specifically at their upcoming information sessions. See the Events page on 



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