Ravens Crossing Groundbreaking - August 19, 2018
Aerial view of the Ravens Crossing Cohousing site at 2325 Brethour Street, Sidney

Aerial view of the Ravens Crossing Cohousing site at 2325 Brethour Street, Sidney

We are incredibly thankful for all the support to our Ravens Crossing Cohousing Community groundbreaking event. So far we have over 70 people who have indicated they want to join in the party!

The celebration will be held on 19 August from 1-3pm and will be at our future homes location at 2325 Brethour, between Resthaven and 7th.

In our groundbreaking ceremony, we will honour the past and be in the present as we look to the future of our community.

Read more about our recent news in the article from the Peninsula News Review.

If you’d like to join us, please let us know and kindly RSVP to info@ravenscrossing.ca if you plan to attend.

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Ravens Crossing Cohousing featured in the Capital Magazine

The Spring 2019 issue of Capital Magazine was all about innovative homes and people. One of the features was on Ravens Crossing and the writer, Pedro Arrais, really captured our story well.

He describes what co-housing is all about, from its origins in Europe to what developments are happening with cohousing in Victoria.

Pedro has written in great detail on what Ravens Crossing has to offer and described our community of homes, along with stunning photographs of our location.

Read the full article in the Spring 2019 Capital Magazine.


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Upcoming Information Sessions and Workshops

Virtual Information Sessions: Can’t make it to an information session in person? Like to learn more about cohousing and Ravens Crossing from the comfort of your own space? Join Ravens Crossing Cohousing for a virtual information session on Zoom. We’e three sessions coming up so choose any one of these and you can find out more about Ravens Crossing Cohousing. Just click on the zoom link on the date that is most convenient for you and join your Ravens host. Just so you know, attending an information session is a pre-requisite for Associate Membership. If you are new to Zoom virtual meetings check out the instructions at http://techtalk.strose.edu/zoom/join-a-zoom-meeting. You can register for any of these virtual information sessions on Eventbrite.

April 17, 2019 7:00 PM (PDT): https://zoom.us/j/178901908

May 11, 2019 10:00 AM (PDT): https://zoom.us/j/408144384

May 22, 2019 7:00 PM (PDT): https://zoom.us/j/143967744

Cohousing Information Session 27 April 2019: You are invited to attend a free public info session to find out about our cohousing project in Sidney! Meet some of our group members, find out where we are in the development process, hear the latest news, look at some architect’s drawings, ask your questions and learn how you can participate! The information session will be held on Saturday 27 April from 2:00 - 3:30pm at the McTavish Academy of Art, 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich. Register for this free workshop on Eventbrite.

Information Session June 8, 2019. Aligned with the Is Cohousing for You? workshop being hosted by Westwind Harbour Cohousing, Ravens Crossing will be holding an information session on Saturday June 8th from 12-1pm at the Sooke Child, Youth & Family Centre, 6672 Wadams Way, Sooke, BC V9Z 0H.

September 28-29, 2019. Is Cohousing for You? Another opportunity to take this highly successful and informative workshop facilitated by Dr. Margaret Critchlow. Learn about a creative alternative to today’s culture of individualism and materialism. Cohousing is a neighbourhood design that values privacy and community, independence and interdependence. The workshop is also a prerequisite for folks interested in becoming Equity Members of Ravens Crossing Cohousing or West Wind Harbour Cohousing. The Workshop will be held in Sidney at the McTavish Academy of Art. Register now at Eventbrite.

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Holiday News from Ravens Crossing Cohousing
raven wreath.jpg

What's the best holiday gift for a Raven?
Well, if you are a member of Ravens Crossing Cohousing it has to be the major milestone of submitting the development permit for our multi-generational cohousing community in Sidney. 

We are thrilled that after months of working with our Professional Team from Cohousing Development Consulting, we have architectural drawings and a landscape plan for our 34-home community that aligns perfectly with our vision. These plans are included in the development permit that has just now been passed to the Town of Sidney for their review and comment. 

Having selected such a great site, we are confident that we have a lot to offer those interested in cohousing. For example, we each will have a creatively-designed, bright, private home plus lots of common amenities that allow for, and encourage community/social interaction. There will be a large community kitchen and dining room, small quiet spaces, a roof top patio, an extensive garden area focusing on food gardening, native species and alfresco entertaining as well as a children's play area (inside and out). Our location is really close to all the services and stores in Sidney, less that a 10-minute walk to the ocean and right opposite the Sidney Elementary School. We are also planning a lot of sustainable features into our homes both in the building phase and after we move in. A car-sharing project is just one of our ideas to lessen our impact on the environment. 
We’re very proud of what we have accomplished to date and look forward to the next phase in our journey. Now we are starting on the design development for unit layouts and common amenity areas so that all aspects of the community can truly be co-developed.

Want to join us? In Ravens Crossing we envision a community of introverts and extroverts in all ages and stages of life, who value privacy and connection within a simpler, healthier, and more energy-efficient environment. So, visit our website or come along to one of our information sessions and find out more

Archtectural Drawing with disclaimer.jpg

We host information sessions on a regular basis as well as in conjunction with "Is Cohousing for You" weekend workshops.There are several information sessions coming up with the full details on our Events Page of the website.

January 7, 2019. Coffee and Conversation: Especially focused on younger households, this information session will be at the Parsonage Café at the corner of Cook and Caledonia Streets at 1105 Caledonia St. in Victoria on 7 January from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  
January 12, 2019. Online information session. Join us for our first, interactive online information session from 10:00 to 11:00am Pacific Standard Time. Details on how to join are on the Events page
February 3, 2019. Information Session in Sidney: You are warmly welcome to attend a free public info session to find out more details about our project, meet some of our group members , and answer your questions. This information session will be held at the McTavish Academy of Art, 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich from 5:00-6:30pm.

March 2-3, 2019Is Cohousing for You? Taking place in Sidney and hosted by Ravens Crossing Cohousing, this experiential two-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore how to access the creative power of community to build a better world and improve quality of life. Register for the workshop on Eventbrite.

On March 2, 2019 there will be a free public info session from 4:30-6:00pm. Register for the Information Session at Eventbrite.

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It's nice to know who you are growing up next to

Cohousing families – raising children in community - A video from Forgebank, Lancaster Cohousing

Cohousing has benefits for people at all ages and stages. And while we often read about how much adults enjoy cohousing it is nice to get a viewpoint from a group that can experience cohousing in a unique way. As Ravens Crossing builds its membership as a multi-generational community, hearing how much children benefit from living in cohousing helps us in our views of how we develop our community.

Children growing up in cohousing is the subject of a lovely video produced by Lancaster Cohousing at Forgebank – a community of around 65 adults and 15 children. In this video young Alistair, Ella, and Elsa talk about how much they enjoy living in cohousing. They acknowledge that it is very different than growing up somewhere else. They experience freedom, independence, having lots of friends and doing things together.  As Alistair puts in “It’s a wonderful place, with loads of different people that have loads of different ideas you wouldn’t get anywhere else”. These children enjoy socializing with adults and other children and contributing to the community; whether that is helping prepare meals in the common house or solving computer problems for their neighbours.

The parents in the video echo their children’s happiness in living in cohousing. For Sarah, Simon, Kathy and Jan there is a sense of comfort in knowing all their neighbours and that their children can safely walk and play anywhere in their community. They love the support they get from each other that can take the form of very practical help like sharing child care and not having to cook dinner every night for their children as the community has shared meals in the common house. This assistance also takes other forms. For those that are sole parents they welcome the sense of community and not feeling so isolated. They are comfortable in knowing they can hang out with other adults as there is always someone else who can help put their children to bed. They all agree that their children are well rounded from being in contact with a range of different people and different age groups and gaining familiarity with different foods and cultures.

This video offers a lot of information for families who are considering cohousing and the benefits it can offer. We hope you enjoy it and if you are further interested in cohousing in Sidney, British Columbia, please check out the Ravens Crossing Cohousing website. We have regular information sessions (check our event page) and are always very happy to answer questions.

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6 Reasons Why Cohousing is Good for Families and Young Adults

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a home in a neighbourhood that is welcoming, safe and eco-friendly? If this appeals to you then cohousing may be just what you are seeking

If you are a younger household, here are six good reasons why should consider cohousing.



#1. Save time and money

Cohousing is an efficient way to live. Resident management and optional meal sharing and group activities make cohousing cost effective. The compact homes at Ravens Crossing Cohousing are being designed in such a way as to save money in heating and cooling. By sharing appliances and tools, each household owns less stuff. 


#2. Flexibility & support with child-rearing

It takes a village to raise a child, as the saying goes, and most modern-day parents could use the help. In cohousing there is the opportunity for children to be mentored by adults with a variety of skills and educational backgrounds. Organized childcare and children’s play areas are a feature of Ravens Crossing.



#3. Resource effective

Cohousing communities typically adopt green living construction and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Ravens Crossing Cohousing is located with walkability in mind and close to all the amenities Sidney has to offer. Our community is organizing a car share program and our homes are being built to “Build Green-Gold” standard. All of this means lower ongoing costs and reduced consumption of non-renewable resources.


#4. Better health and security

In cohousing communities the members look out for each other, so people feel safer and more secure than in a traditional neighborhood. People have a greater sense of well-being and quality of life in a cohousing environment. When you have interdependent living of multiple age groups you find that the community is stimulating both intellectually and emotionally and often have greater involvement in civic or political action


#5. Shared amenities

Cohousing makes it easier to share resources. At Ravens Crossing Cohousing our shared amenities will include a large kitchen, multi-purpose dining area, multi-use spaces, bike storage, rooms for overnight friends and family, office space, roof top patio, gardens, and laundry facilities.


Ravens Crossing Cohousing_colour.png

#6. You’re reading about cohousing

If you’ve made it to #6 you have an interest in cohousing. Like to know more and find out how to get involved in cohousing on the Saanich Peninsula? Explore our website and complete the survey. Attend one of our information sessions (see our Events page). We hold these regularly and if there is a small group interested we are open to holding info sessions for these groups as well.


Let’s keep in touch!

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Great Opportunity for Families and Young Adults to find out more about cohousing

Ravens Crossing Cohousing is hosting our next information session on Saturday 13 October at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre.

The free information session is specifically focused on sharing information and answering questions on how cohousing can be a healthy, safe and sustainable lifestyle for families and young adults.

So, if you, a member of your family or a friend would like to know more about the benefits and advantages of cohousing please feel welcome to attend.

Date and Time: Saturday 13 October from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Location: Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, 3221 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria

Info 13 october (3).jpg
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Creating a Cohousing Community: Why Not?
Creating Cohousing Book Cover.JPG

Known as a condo with a heart, Cohousing communities in B.C. are popping up everywhere. The idea of multi-age Cohousing communities, committed to living more sustainably and on a smaller footprint, developed in Denmark some fifty years ago. Now there are three completed island communities and two more in development. 

As one of the courses being offered by UVic on the Peninsula, Barb Whittington of Ravens Crossing Cohousing will share her knowledge on what is Cohousing and what it’s not; what it costs (market value); what’s happening locally; and how to find out more.

The talk will be on Saturday 29 September (10:30-12:30 pm) at the Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney BC. To register go to the UVic Continuing Studies website

Come along with your questions. All ages and stages are welcome!

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Ravens Crossing Cohousing Speaks at Community Forum on Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Event.JPG

Ravens Crossing Cohousing representative, Barb Whittington, will be part of a panel speaking on Friday 10 September at a Community Forum on Affordable housing in Sidney.

Hosted by the Greater Victoria Housing Society, the forum brings together neighbours, affordable housing provides, developers and community planners to explore the following:

  • What is affordable housing?
  • Who needs affordable housing in Sidney?Come with your questions, concerns and ideas

The Forum will be held at the Star Cinema in Sidney (9842 Third Street) from 1:30 to 3:00pm. Doors open at 1:00pm


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Come say hello to the Ravens at the Saanich Fair this Labour Day Weekend

The Saanich Fair is western Canada's oldest agriculture fair (150 years young this year) and draws tens of thousands of people over the Labour Day weekend. People come to enjoy the live music, dance performances, eating contests, raffle draw, baking, needlecraft, livestock, showing horses, growing vegetables. What doesn't this fabulous fair have to offer for just about everybody!  This year the focus of the the fair is a "Family A Fair" and promises to be a fun time for all - young and young at heart! 

In a way Ravens Crossing Cohousing is a reflection of the theme for this year's Saanich Fair. We are  a family affair as well. We are building a multi-generational community who value privacy and connection with a simpler, healthier and more energy-efficient environment. We are a diverse group of independent households designing our 26,000 sq.ft. planned neighborhood within a 5-minute walk of the ample amenities Sidney offers, a 10-minute stroll to the ocean, close to transit and green spaces, and a skip and a jump from Sidney Elementary School. 

So...come to the Fair...and while you are there take some time to stop by the Ravens Crossing Cohousing Booth - Number 28. There will be activities for the kids, a contest and you can meet us, find out more about cohousing and discover what an attractive proposition cohousing in Sidney can be for people at all ages and stages of life.

We look forward to saying hello! And if you miss us at the Fair, we have an information session on Saturday 8 September from 4:30 to 6:00pm at the McTavish Academy of Art, 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich. See our Events page for more details. 

Details on the Fair:

Start: September 1

End: September 3

Website: https://www.saanichfair.ca/


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Here's the hot news from Raven's All

The latest Ravens Crossing Cohousing Newsletter - full of news and upcoming events from the Ravens community - is here for your reading enjoyment!

YES! we have closed on a lovely walkable green Sidney multifamily zoned building site and we took possession of the properties at the end of June. I can’t stop walking by!

YES, we are amazed at the interest of all ages and stages of families to join in on the fun and the work. Since our community aims to be multi-generational we are wanting a few more ‘younger’ families to become Ravens ‘light’ (as Associate members, $125.00 for 3 months of testing the waters) and then IF it’s a fit for you or a family you know, become Equity Members.

Oh....We’ll be at the Saanich Fair Labour Day weekend in full Raven flight, with colourful crafts and black and white info. Come and snoop. Hear about our 2020 vision...hint....that’s the move in date we’re working toward.

Interested in Cohousing? Visit our  WEBSITE !  Interested in Membership? Tell us about  YOU!  

Interested in Cohousing? Visit our WEBSITE!

Interested in Membership? Tell us about YOU! 

Come say hello!  Find our exhibitor booth Sept 1-3 at the  Saanich Fall Fair

Come say hello!

Find our exhibitor booth Sept 1-3 at the Saanich Fall Fair

Register  for our 2-day workshop with cohousing expert Dr. Margaret Critchlow September 8-9   Free Info Session

Register for our 2-day workshop with cohousing expert Dr. Margaret Critchlow September 8-9

Free Info Session

Quoth the Raven ... by Zep

Image 6_Aug2018.JPG

Canada Day celebrations were newsworthy fun at Sidney’s Build-a-Boat competition where Ravens celebrated their recently acquired site in the lovely sea side town of Sidney, B.C.

Ravens Crossing Cohousing is a newly developing community of all ages, just a stone’s throw from Sidney Elementary School, and a five minute walk to Beacon Avenue, the main strip rich with all amenities.

The design stage of our future homes is currently underway, nobly led by Cohousing Development Consulting, along with consensus-based input from our members. 

The vision for 2020: a 30-35 unit mix of independently owned, sunny, compact homes where residents know their neighbours, work, eat, and play together in shared common space, value community, and respect privacy. 

We are actively on the lookout for more Ravens to join our nest in progress. The next information session will be held September 8th at McTavish Academy of Art. Hope to see you there!
You can find more details about us and our Sidney site in the Peninsula News Review

Zep, Barb and Tracy
on behalf of Ravens Crossing Cohousing

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Congratulations to Driftwood Village Cohousing!
Marta Carlucci and Natsuko Osafune, Osafune’s daughters Mia and Aina, and Mackenzie Stonehocker are a few of the Driftwood Village Cohousing Community that are bringing co-housing to Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver. Photo Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

Marta Carlucci and Natsuko Osafune, Osafune’s daughters Mia and Aina, and Mackenzie Stonehocker are a few of the Driftwood Village Cohousing Community that are bringing co-housing to Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver. Photo Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

Fantastic news that Driftwood Village Cohousing is now set to become the second cohousing development in North Vancouver. 

Read more: https://bit.ly/2mDrlKh

Ravens Crossing Cohousing echoes many of the values and benefits Driftwood Village proposes. In our development in Sidney, B.C. we also are planning a multi-generational community with diverse unit types for singles, young families, and retirees. The site of Ravens Crossing Cohousing is in a walkable, bikeable neighbourhood, close to schools, amenities and the ocean. We're exploring our own car-share program, so we can reduce our car ownership in addition to other sustainability options. Find out more about Ravens Crossing Cohousing at our website and consider coming to our next Information Session (free) on 8 September 2018 or participating in a "Is Cohousing for You" workshop (to be held 8-9 September 2018). 

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We have a site!
kayak victoria-bc-2459392_1920.jpg

Our Future Home Will Be In Sidney, BC!

We have purchased a wonderful site in Sidney, BC.  Our 26,000 sq ft planned neighbourhood of 30-35 homes is a 5 minute walk to the ample amenities Sidney offers, a 10 minute walk to the ocean front, close to transit and green spaces, and a skip and a jump from Sidney Elementary - truly a perfect fit to what we’d envisioned over a year ago.   Explore our website for more information on Ravens Crossing Cohousing and our new site.

We are moving ahead quickly with our design and development plans with the continued expert guidance of our professional team at Cohousing Development Consulting and getting to know our new community. If you are interested in finding out more, consider associate membership, it’s a three-month-no-risk-stick-your-toe-in opportunity.   Here’s how: 

  • take our SURVEY and introduce yourself
  • attend an 'Is Cohousing For You' workshop in Sidney (McTavish Academy of Art, 1270 McTavish Road, North Saanich) on 8-9 September. Visit Eventbrite
  • come along to a free information session - next one will be on Saturday 8 September at the McTavish Academy of Art. If you are interested it would be helpful if you could register at Eventbrite.

Hope to meet you in person one day soon - who knows, perhaps we’ll be future neighbours. 

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After 3 years CBC makes a return visit to Harbourside Cohousing
Opening of Harbourside Cohousing Community

Opening of Harbourside Cohousing Community

When documentary producer Karin Wells first visited Harbourside, it was a dream about to become a reality for the people who worked so hard to make it happen. After three years of living together, there have been some surprises - sad and happy. But the place is flourishing. Listen to the CBC Sunday Edition "A B.C. experiment in cohousing has become an adventure in co-caring". 

Click here to listen to Karin's documentary.

Harbourside Cohousing is a thriving example of cohousing. Other cohousing communities in development on Vancouver Island include West Wind Harbour Cohousing (Sooke) and Ravens Crossing Cohousing (Sidney). Find out more about cohousing in general and these communities specifically at their upcoming information sessions. See the Events page on www.ravenscrossingcohousing.ca. 



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Loneliness can be as dangerous to your health as smoking

In a recent article in the Seattle Times (Battling the rising cost of living? Seeking a community? A look at the cohousing lifestyle) it was interesting to read about the huge surge of interest in cohousing. As the article points out, up to recently only a small part of the population knew about cohousing, let alone lived in cohousing developments. Now there are 13 completed cohousing developments in Canada, with nine developing and two under construction.

So why the increased interest in cohousing? One aspect, according to Nicole Brodeur’s story in the Seattle Times is that it attracts those that are looking to escape the increasing cost of living and combine resources with a like-minded community. Another factor is to do with your health.

Research has shown that people live longer when they’re socially engaged. In a blog by Dr. Tzvi Doron, he writes that loneliness is as dangerous to your health as smoking and an even bigger risk factor than obesity and sedentary lifestyle.  

How does cohousing help? It’s about having strong social relationships. Cohousing strives to create the sense of a village where neighbours know and support each other, encouraging a sense of community while maintaining options for privacy. It is an alternative development model in which the future residents participate in the planning, design and development of their community so it directly meets their needs.

Ravens Crossing Cohousing is one of the developing cohousing communities on Vancouver Island. We have secured a wonderful site in Sidney within a ten-minute walk of the Sidney town center, the waterfront, amenities and services. We envision a community of introverts and extroverts in all ages and stages of life who value privacy and connection within a simpler, healthier, and more energy-efficient environment, in a place primarily of compact, creatively-designed bright apartments with extensive common facilities to augment our private dwellings and support us to have more connection with our neighbours.

Research has shown that your overall “survival rate” increases to 50% if you have strong social relationships. Cohousing is one such way to achieve this.

Ravens Crossing Cohousing offers information sessions and workshops so that you can find out more about cohousing and the Ravens Crossing Cohousing Development in Sidney. Visit our website (www.ravenscrossingcohousing.ca) to find out more.

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Cohousing Workshop and Information Session fills the house

Have you ever wanted to know more about cohousing? Over 20 folks had the same interest and took this interest further and joined a workshop “Is Cohousing for You?”. Organized by Ravens Crossing Cohousing and West Wind Harbour Cohousing, the workshop was held on 5-6 May 2018 in Sidney. It was led by the renowned Dr Margaret Critchlow, co-founder of Harbourside Cohousing in Sooke with support from members of Ravens Crossing Cohousing. The workshop also included information sessions on newly-formed cohousing communities on Vancouver Island – West Wind Harbour (Sooke) and Ravens Crossing Cohousing (Sidney).

Participants came from near and far. Some folks hailed from close to our future homes on the Island: Sidney, North Saanich, Victoria, Esquimalt, Nanoose, Salt Spring Island. In addition, we had participants coming from Greater Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Portland Oregon, Calgary, Toronto, and even Moncton, New Brunswick.

We learned about the nuts and bolts of creating or joining a cohousing community. What might it cost? (market value in the same area); what expectations are there for me from the group? (some, depends on what YOU want to be involved in); will I still have the privacy I need? (other cohousers say yes!); Is it for me? (you decide, it isn’t for everyone); is there green space? (fortunately, yes); garden beds of some kind? (likely)... and so on. We learned that the cohousing community makes the decisions on design, pets, parking, guest rooms in the common house and so much more.

Take-away messages were that cohousing is a commitment, it is about assuming good intentions, attention to communication, some shared values and a great deal of laughter and curiosity.

What were the results of the workshop? Well, not only did the participants learn more about cohousing and living in intentional community, they ended up learning as much about their fellow participants and themselves!

Over the course of the weekend participants were encouraged to ask themselves “Is Cohousing for Me?”.  Of those gathered at the workshop and the information sessions many signed up to learn more and be further engaged. They have joined the existing Cohousing Communities as Associate Members. Over the next 3 months our new Associate Members will have the opportunity to participate in business and design gatherings and learn more about our cohousing community specifically and cohousing in general.

Interested in knowing more about cohousing? Visit the Ravens Crossing Cohousing and West Wind Harbour Cohousing websites. The next “Is Cohousing for You?” workshop will be held on 7-8 July 2018 in Sooke. You can check out Eventbrite to register.

Come join us! We have a 2020 vision...hoping to move in around that time.

Barb Whittington on behalf of the Ravens community.

Fiona chandler
Ravens Crossing Cohousing hosts "Jane's Walk" in Sidney
Sidney waterfront

Sidney waterfront

Saturday May 5th • 3:45 p.m.

Start at the Sidney/North Saanich Branch Library, 10091 Resthaven Drive at Mills Road

Walk Leader: Laura Melly

Join others to discover and discuss multigenerational cohousing within walking distance of Sidney's elementary school, amenities and downtown. Hear stories from cohousing development professional, Margaret Critchlow. Explore turning this vision into reality with members of Ravens Crossing Cohousing.

Walk Route: 30 minutes followed by an info sharing/discussion in library's Nell Horth Room

Start Sidney Branch Library at Resthaven Drive and Mills Road; Wellness Park and Rose Garden; SHOAL Centre Independent Living; elementary school; future cohousing neighbourhood; downtown; Modo car sharing; and return to library.

Curbs, steps and sidewalks. Seniors and children welcome. People with wheelchairs or walking aids welcome.

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Ravens Crossing Cohousing in Seaside Magazine
Seaside Magazine.JPG

The March 2018 issue of Seaside Magazine features an article written by Linda Hunter - "Loving Large, Living Small" - all about cohousing.

In her article, Laura speaks with Ravens Crossing co-founding members Barb Whittington and Tracy Mills about the benefits of cohousing and the Ravens Crossing Cohousing Community.

Read the full article in the March 2018 Seaside Magazine

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