Who are we? 

We are a diverse group of independent households, enthusiastically looking forward to developing our own multi-generational cohousing community in Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. We currently have 14 equity and 4 associate households. Meet the members who make up Ravens Crossing Cohousing...

 Tracy and Richard

Tracy and Richard

Tracy and Richard (Equity)

In 1993 the call of the West Coast sounded and its chord resonated with Tracy and Richard. They left their Edmonton homes to start anew on the Saanich Peninsula.  Leaving behind the mosquito repellent, Richard’s luggage held his degrees in Physiotherapy and Dentistry, newly strung tennis rackets and steadfast golf clubs.   Tracy’s luggage held her violin, Team Canada Volleyball uniforms, a degree in Business Administration, laser manufacturing experience, and mild apprehension at leaving family, friends and snow behind.

In 2015 a new chord sounded over the waves from Sooke: “cohousing”.  Tracy was intrigued.  After reading & discussing, workshops, visits to cohousing communities, and working alongside other members and our professional team, she found that it offered a balanced, empowering and efficient process that creates resilient, safe, connected all-age communities where privacy is honoured and people can thrive.

Over the years we’ve explored much of the island, enjoyed sunsets and fireworks, splashed around on the water, cried and rejoiced, worked and played, raised a family, and opened our eyes and our hearts to those around us and to this wonderful Peninsula we now call home.



barb  (equity)

Picture West Saanich Road, 4 acres, 3 raised up sons, camas, Garry oaks, and more. I feel at home on the Saanich Peninsula with the 3 small town centres, my indigenous neighbouring communities and all the land to roam. I also love that we are so close to Victoria, to health care, universities, the airport and nightlife, not in that order. I thank the Coast Salish people and am working to be a better neighbour.

While I am still associated with the University of Victoria where social justice and social issues were my passions, I am putting more energy back into my Saanich Peninsula community now, especially in the area of restorative justice and cohousing. I have had the good fortune of travelling and working in many different countries and see the need for community as a common denominator.

How does cohousing fit with all this? I am interested in both the idea of cohousing and the realities of creating a more vibrant, environmentally responsible community, with people of different ages and different interests. Having seen other communities in BC do this, I thought, like Tracy did “Why not?” and “Why not here?” Many people are interested in the idea of cohousing but you also need to be interested in joining together to make it happen. I know that a group of committed compassionate people will make this idea a reality. For that I am more than ready to move forward to Ravens Crossing Cohousing from my Garry Oak meadow.

 Mark, Fiona, Kona and Blondie

Mark, Fiona, Kona and Blondie

Mark and Fiona (equity)

We are relative newcomers to Vancouver Island having met in Australia in 1989 while we were both studying environmental and resource management at university in New South Wales. We then spent the next 27 years in different countries around the world. Nearly always for work and often as not for pleasure. We’ve made our home everywhere from the tropical rain forests of South East Asia to the ancient wonders of modern Rome with sojourns in Africa and the Middle East.

Coming to such a beautiful spot as Vancouver Island once we’d ‘retired’ was a bit of a no-brainer for us. Our son lives in Victoria and we’ve family in the Cowichan Valley. Now with our two standard poodles – Kona and Blondie – we look forward to building an intentional community on the Saanich Peninsula. The concept of consciously committing to living as a community while retaining privacy and having the benefits of more sustainable living is something we are strongly attracted to.  Fiona is a consultant in food security, nutrition and sustainability in developing countries and Mark works in a hardware/garden centre. The balance of our time seems to be split between the development of our garden and throwing sticks for the dogs at our place in Shawnigan Lake.

 Pat and Griff - 50th wedding anniversary

Pat and Griff - 50th wedding anniversary

griff and pat (equity)

Griff and Pat have been west coasters since 1989.  They started in Ontario, then did stints in Northern Manitoba and in Winnipeg, had a short stay in Vancouver then found Vancouver Island and you won’t get them to leave. 

Life has been kind, adventurous, interesting and rewarding.  Griff obtained his Chemical Engineering B.Sc and a B.Ed. from Queen’s and an MBA from Western.  This education has taken him from mining in Northern Manitoba to Real-Estate Development in Southern Ontario to Restaurant owner/regional partner with The Keg based out of Winnipeg to teaching Hospitality Management at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo.  Pat graduated with her RN from Kingston General, her Public Health Nursing from Ottawa U. and Hospitality Management Diploma from Camosun.  She has been an inveterate volunteer all her life and equally committed to being a great Mother and Grandmother. 

With a surname name like ‘Tripp’ travel experiences have been a big part of their life.  The most extensive travel being a year of travel with their 11 and 13 year old children along a fine line around the world.  Retirement found them purchasing a small farm raising sheep and chickens and lots of good fruit and vegetables.  Farming is a very grounding experience and puts one face to face with Mother Nature and the cycle of life. She does not hesitate to let you know you are servant not master.  

Pat and Griff are ready to move to the next chapter in their life.  The idea of an intentional community where people enjoy shared experiences, support each other, make decisions on a consensus basis and participate in caring for their environment is very appealing especially when you also have your own private dwelling.  We enjoy reading, cooking, planning and executing events, being in nature, walking, working on projects and having the time to do so.

 Terence and Nancy

Terence and Nancy

Nancy and Terence (equity)

Nancy and Terence were long-time colleagues as family violence counsellors in Calgary. We married nine years ago and moved to Victoria in 2011 after a year of backpacking in South-and South-East Asia. While overseas we did volunteer work with marginalized groups such as Tibetan ex-political prisoner, street children, and Burmese (Karen) refugee children, and child slaves.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and living as sustainably as possible. There are many social circles to which we belong in which we love to relate beyond the superficial. Music, dancing, and playing are important to us We believe that healthy communities best support healing and happiness, and hence our commitment to Ravens Crossing Cohousing.



darlene (equity)

I‘m an Island girl, always have been and probably always will be. Water has always drawn me, and I love feeling the rhythm of the earth “watching the tides roll in” like my favourite Otis Redding song. I am currently single, but thru the last four decades raised 4 wonderful kids and enjoy 4 grandkids.

I gained a strong work ethic from my father, who grew a small logging company into a large integrated forest company. During the 15 years that I worked in the family business, I experienced all the transitions as it grew to building a mill, purchasing Sikorsky 61 helicopters for heli-logging, then fire fighting with the Martin Mars Water Bombers. The newest additions are C130 Hercules, and 737’s that are currently being converted to fight fire around the world.

Being the only daughter (had 3 brothers) in a family of entrepreneurs, I dreamed of having my own company, so finally started an event company aptly named Fantastic Events and Party Rentals which specialized in weddings and corporate events. Though I never could say no to any event, so did everything from birthday parties, to funerals!

After selling that business, my youngest daughter and I bought an Equestrian Centre and have been operating it for the last 5 years and currently offer boarding, lessons, training, breeding and house 36 horses on site. That creates mountains of manure believe me!

I love music of all types, enjoy singing though I usually only know the chorus or the first line, am addicted to creativity and love to laugh and dance.

Now it is my time. Currently I am a gypsy, trying on different life styles from a motorhome, to house sitting and now are designing a tiny house being built in the forest on our 17 acres. I think its great practice for the future as we work toward making our dream of Cohousing a reality.



Margaret (equity)

I was born, raised and educated in Toronto, Ontario.  I spent most of my adult life in Calgary.  When we retired, Vancouver Island won our hearts.

I had three children and they were all raised and educated in Calgary until post secondary called from other locales.  I also have 3 step children and between all of these I am the loving and fascinated grandmother of 6.

The major issues which drew my attention as an adult were education, mental health, care of children and the environment.  These issues still live in my heart.  The issues have not been solved but many changes have indicated that some success has been seen - more work to do!

I first thought about co-housing when I was about 50.  It wasn’t called this at that time but I am excited to be part of the Ravens Crossing Cohousing project.  A community of like-minded people, different backgrounds, different ages and stages but all working toward a common goal.  The process continues to evolve and it is coming together in it’s own way. 



Zeporah (equity)

Zeporah’s lived her first twenty five years in Ontario, followed by a year in the Middle East, then came to Vancouver to attend the MFA program in Creative Writing at UBC. Somehow, she found herself married and settled on the West Coast, career bound as a college instructor at VCC for the next few decades.

She still had lots of free time to travel the world, attend extensive meditation retreats, and have many wild adventures, so the wisest, boldest parts of herself braved white water rafting through the Grand Canyon, endured malarial infested mosquitoes and military coups in West Africa (while studying hand drumming), and trekked eighteen thousand feet, not without altitude sickness, up the Himalayas to Ladakh, dragging the less courageous parts of herself, kicking and screaming the whole way.

She also had opportunity to reinvent herself as a Feldenkrais teacher, ferrying back and forth for four years of professional training in glorious Oak Bay, so she is no stranger to Victoria, where for her, personally, good things tend to happen.

Now, recently retired from VCC, she is finally writing with less distraction, offering Feldenkrais lessons, doing her best to stay balanced on high heels in Flamenco class, and hanging out with her beloved dog, Moses.

After many engaged, happy years, in Vancouver, she is finding a missing link - living community and meaningful day to day connections with friends and neighbors. Cohousing has been calling loud and clear. Her wisest, boldest parts have answered the call to cross the great ocean; this time, those other parts (still alive and well) are not kicking and screaming quite so much.



Stephanie  (equity)

I am a retired family physician. (No prizes for guesses about whether or not I like people!).  I have lived and worked in BC, the US and Brazil.  Cohousing, civic development and sustainable living have interested me since I was in my '20s.  I am also very interested in home design, in particular in making smaller spaces work harder.  I've designed two medical offices and a house using these concepts.

Now that my three children are mostly raised and I am more or less on my own, living in a mutually supportive community is even more important to me. Much of my childhood was spent on Vancouver Island and I have been trying to get back there for some years.  So. . . Ravens Crossing holds great promise for me.  I particularly like the concept of multi-generational housing as I feel strongly that each age group has much to offer within a community and I don’t want to lose my connection to the young.

 David and Kathy

David and Kathy

David and Kathy (equity)

David & Kathy English have lived on the Saanich peninsula for 35 years, watching it shift from farms to a retirement and high tech haven.  But, who wouldn’t be attracted to such a beautiful, temperate place to live?  We originally came here to raise our two daughters and work – Dave as a hydrographer and Kathy as a social work researcher.  We found this to be the perfect place to indulge in our favourite activities, namely long-distance running and cycling.  Our family also kept chickens and ducks on our small farm as pets but enjoyed their eggs!  Having downsized five years ago to Sidney, we believe co-housing is the ideal setting to share a green lifestyle with friendly, supportive and aware neighbours.

 Laura and Karen

Laura and Karen

Laura and Karen (equity)

Laura (on right) and Karen married and moved to Sidney in 2016. In addition to loving the West Coast’s beautiful backyard, they have adventured together from the river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (U.S.) to Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock to Himalaya passes in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

Raised outside of New York City, Laura first pursued her business interests on a global scale with stints in agribusiness, banking and medical products. In Philadelphia (PA), her work shifted to positions supporting Quaker non-profits, inner city schools, entrepreneurial ventures, and food coops. Now with a Permanent Residency card in hand, she is eager to call BC home, settle into community and serve locally.

Karen, a prairie girl born in Calgary, Alberta, is an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada and has lived and worked in Whitehorse, Elmwood (ON), Toronto, and in Langley (BC). She is now enjoying settling into her new position as minister with St. John’s United Church in North Saanich.

We bring joyful as well as tearful stories from when we each have previously participated in starting, sustaining or changing intentional groups. We have navigated various leadership roles in non-hierarchical, consensus-based endeavors. Ravens Cohousing in particular invites and challenges us to live here now in accord with our values and aspirations.

 Bryan and Zosia

Bryan and Zosia

Zosia and Bryan (equity)

Zosia and Bryan are island folk.  Zosia was born and raised in Port Alberni while Bryan has been here many decades. We know this is our home especially after many amazing travels abroad. Our life here includes sailing, running, walking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors. 

We're both creative but in different fields.   Zosia enjoys painting, drawing, knitting, rug hooking and enjoys working with others on community projects. Bryan's creativity is expressed as he develops software. He likes to find what developers call "elegant solutions" to problems. In the past, Bryan created custom wooden furniture and before that he administered a non-profit dance company (and even was on stage). Bryan is currently learning Spanish.  We both are beginning to learn how to play the ukulele.  

We love travel and, in particular, we've walked the Camino de Santiago several times. We also enjoy exploring our inside coast by sailboat or by kayak.

We're members of a food cooperative where, as a group, we make bulk purchases of healthy food from a local natural food supplier. It takes work but the effort is worth it both in the money saved and the sense of community we feel.

We want to live lightly in this time of climate change and we want to contribute and help grow our local community.  As members of Ravens Crossing we look forward to living in a energy efficient home within an intentional community, a community where know our neighbours will share similar intentions. We hope to live with a diverse range of people so we can experience many perspectives and that means we want to live with people of multiple generations, abilities and backgrounds.  We look forward to sharing as part of our daily lives, yet we also will value our privacy too.

We look forward to many years with Ravens Crossing.

kay and Barry (Equity)

More on Kay and Barry to come…..

Bill and Eleanor (equity)

More on Bill and Eleanor to come….

Associate Members of Ravens Crossing Cohousing


Leo and Lynn


brian and carol

Kim and john

michelle and johnathan

bill and heather



At this stage of the project, those who have attended a Ravens Crossing Cohousing Information Session may be considered for Associate Membership if they meet the other current criteria and if member resources are available. Please check out our Participate page to find out more.