6 Reasons Why Cohousing is Good for Families and Young Adults

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a home in a neighbourhood that is welcoming, safe and eco-friendly? Where everyone owns their own home — but works together to maintain and improve their surroundings? If this appeals to you then cohousing may be just what you are looking for

If you are a younger household, here are six good reasons why cohousing is good for you


#1. Save time and money

Cohousing is an efficient way to live. Resident management and optional meal sharing and group activities make cohousing cost effective. The compact homes at Ravens Crossing Cohousing are being designed in such a way as to save money in heating and cooling. By sharing appliances and tools, each household owns less stuff. 


#2. Flexibility and support with child rearing

It takes a village to raise a child, as the saying goes, and most modern-day parents could use the help. In cohousing there is the opportunity for children to be mentored by adults with a variety of skills and educational backgrounds. Organized childcare and children’s play areas are a feature of Ravens Crossing.


#3 Resource effective

Cohousing communities typically adopt green living construction and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Ravens Crossing Cohousing is located with walkability in mind and close to all the amenities Sidney has to offer. Our community is organizing a car share program and our homes are being built to “Build Green-Gold” standard. All of this means lower ongoing costs and reduced consumption of non-renewable resources.


#4. Better health and security

In cohousing communities the members look out for each other, so people feel safer and more secure than in a traditional neighborhood. People have a greater sense of well-being and quality of life in a cohousing environment. When you have interdependent living of multiple age groups you find that the community is stimulating both intellectually and emotionally and often have greater involvement in civic or political action.


#5. Shared amenities

Cohousing makes it easier to share resources. At Ravens Crossing Cohousing our shared amenities will include a large kitchen, multi-purpose dining area, multi-use spaces, bike storage, rooms for overnight friends and family, office space, roof top patio, gardens, and laundry facilities. 

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#6. You’re reading about cohousing

If you’ve made it to #6 you have an interest in cohousing. Like to know more and find out how to get involved in cohousing on the Saanich Peninsula? Explore our website, find out how to learn more and if interested in becoming a member you are invited to complete a survey. Attend one of our information sessions (see our Events page). We hold these regularly and if there is a small group interested we are open to holding info sessions for these groups as well.

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