We host information sessions on a regular basis as well as in conjunction with "Is Cohousing for You" weekend workshops. Information sessions provide an introduction to cohousing, an opportunity to meet members of the Ravens Crossing Cohousing community and find out more about the Ravens Crossing Cohousing development. All are welcome and coming along to an information session can be your start to associate membership. Please plan to attend an information session if you are interested in becoming an Associate Member.

The "Is Cohousing for You" workshops are led by Margaret Critchlow, PhD. Margaret is a Founding Member of Harbourside Cohousing and a consultant with Cohousing Development Consulting. Her workshop Is Cohousing for You? is required for equity membership in our project and is also a great way to find out more about cohousing concepts. 

Ravens Crossing will host information sessions and the weekend workshop "Is Cohousing for You?" throughout the year. We'll post information on these on our website and Facebook as well as notification through our newsletter.

upcoming Information Sessions:

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You are invited to attend a free public info session and find out about cohousing (did you know it's different from a co-op?) and our cohousing project in Sidney!

At our information session you'll meet some of our group members, find out the latest news about our development, learn about the Cohousing Development Consulting experts who support and guide us, ask questions and find out how you can participate. (Coming to this Info Session is the first step!).

The next session will be announced soon.

Virtual Information Sessions:

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Can’t make it to an information session in person? Like to learn more about cohousing and Ravens Crossing from the comfort of your own space? Join Ravens Crossing Cohousing for a virtual information session on Zoom. Just click on the zoom link below and join your Ravens host. Just so you know, attending an information session allows you to join up as an Associate Member. If you are new to Zoom virtual meetings check out the instructions at http://techtalk.strose.edu/zoom/join-a-zoom-meeting.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next virtual information session


Is Cohousing for You?

An opportunity to take this highly successful and informative workshop facilitated by Dr. Margaret Critchlow. Learn about a creative alternative to today’s culture of individualism and materialism. Cohousing is a neighbourhood design that values privacy and community, independence and interdependence. The workshop is also a prerequisite for folks interested in becoming Equity Members of Ravens Crossing Cohousing or West Wind Harbour Cohousing. The Workshop will be held in Sidney at the McTavish Academy of Art. Register now at Eventbrite.

September 28-29, 2019